Introducing gamekit

Minimal, Promise/A based HTML5 canvas game engine [/buzzwords]

Gamekit is a minimal approach to a game engine using HTML5 canvas2D. Its implementing a couple of features I found necessary for games and don't want to implement over and over.

Also, since its based on Promises, it allows you to do super cool stuff like this:


Currently implements:

  • Promises! jay
  • Asset Loader
  • Module Loader
  • Renderloop
  • Layers support
  • Sprites (rotate/stretch/repeatable)
  • Property tweening on Sprites (absolute + relative)
  • Entity Groups
  • Keyboard input capturing
  • Pointer (mouse, touch) input capturing
  • Pointer area objects
  • Detecting pointer events directly on sprites
  • Text Labels
  • Spritemaps

It was basically thought out to try the concept of JavaScript Promises on a canvas based game engine but I later found out that gamekit can be perfectly used to make parts of a website or web-app dynamic which is a much more frequent use case for me than building games.