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Imagination. Communication. Simplification. At Kiss we create intuitive and smart user experiences to help your business grow. Our goal: Making the world better every day! Connect passion and knowledge with fun to simply achieve more.

Perhaps we can’t attract every single person in the world, but we have built some strong and long-lasting relationships with those who appreciate our dedication and our beliefs. We treat others as we would like to be treated. Talk to us, we’ll tell you what we think, maybe you’ll be surprised how open we are.

We love simplicity

People have remarked about our specific approach. We take that as a compliment. Read our manifesto and you’ll see why.

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Our Story

Christian Becker - Founder & CEO / CCO of Kiss

Christian Becker

Founder & CEO/CCO

Christian is a former Art/Creative Director for brands like Deutsche Bank, T-Mobile, Pampers, Volvo, Sony Ericsson, Emirates Airlines, SCHOTT Solar, Visa, L’TUR, Voltaren and ING DiBa

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Christian Engel


Christian is the guy who makes innovation seem a common thing.

Started in a small backroom in Bocholt, Germany in 2006, Kiss has become a creative hotspot and “one of the best partners in Social Communication”

Kiss is owned and managed by Christian Becker. He unites strategy and design to create exceptional experiences. Supported by Christian Engel, CTO, who leads the development team and, although if he is no wizard, he can make magic happen!

Most corporate structures are too sluggish and way too complex to work efficiently. — Our strength is trust, which enabled us to create one of the fastest working environments in the world! Christian Becker, Founder & CEO/CCO

Our Manifest

We keep things
simple and smart

We know most products are too complex and fraught with functions. Our products do not arouse needs, they satisfy them. We are just as proud of what they can’t do as we are of what they can.

We love working together
with our customers

Good things come from good conversations, talk to us, we thrive on feedback. We are aiming for long-term relationships, not for one-night stands. We are friendly, speak simply and get to the point.

We believe in each other and support talents

At Kiss we are proud of our staff and their creative minds. They are our key to good work. Our talents get paid for their performance not for their time.
Convince us of your skills!

We work for men and women, young and old

People who use products aren't users or numbers on a spreadsheet. They are real people like you and me. Products need to be useful, reliable, affordable and easy to use. Working with them should be fun!

We think it's important to be honest and transparent

No long-term contracts, small prints, hidden fees or secret prices. Our customers can cancel at any time. No setup or termination fees. Everyone gets the best price we can offer.

We love the worldwide creative community

We are social by nature and need creative exchange to take our work to the next level. We believe in the endless power of a strong community. Despite this we also allow ourselves to say no.

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