Dec 18 2011

Christmas Time

Christmas Time

It’s just a few days left till Christmas and I can’t really believe that 2011 is nearly over. Our recent Christmas projects will also come to an end this week, so this is the perfect time to show you some of them.

Especially the last 2 weeks in November were a crazy tough time for the whole team. Here in Germany and throughout nearly the whole of Europe it is a common practice to celebrate the Advent time by counting the last days till Christmas eve. As a remnant of Christian practices we hang up arduously self-made advent calendars and open a door every single day starting on December 1st.

Why do I tell you this? - Because as you may expect it was part of our job to transfer this Advent calendar functionality into the social web and make it useful for brands and companies.

Powerful collaboration

Together with our long-term partner and friends at 247GRAD we created, designed and developed the beautiful TabMaker Advent Calendar application.

The application allows companies to setup their own Advent calendar directly on Facebook.

I can tell you in advance that it was a great story of success. On December 1st, just 2 weeks after publication, the number of installations was 4-place. The only way we marketed the app was via the 247GRAD fanpage and word-of-mouth advertising. Just incredible … have a look at all the different ways people used it:

How it works

The whole app consists of different pages depending on the plan you selected:

The free plan has a fangate, a calendar page and an image-lightview included. Companies can use this plan to promote their website by showing coupon codes or special daily deals. People need to become fans first before they can open up any doors.

The premium tab additionally allowed linking and the creation of sweepstakes and contests for every single day.

What's special

The hardest part of the development was to make sure the Advent calendar fits perfectly for every company. Everyone should be able to simply setup the calendar and customize it the way he/she wants.

What you can see here is our transparent calendar template. It doesn’t show you it's true beauty, until you add your individual calendar image. The whole calendar is designed to fit every style you want. Together with the user proofed TabMaker CMS it is child's play to setup a calendar yourself.

A very special one

Sad to say our favorite calendar couldn't be built with that app but is related to it: the Deutsche Bank Advent Calendar.

The basic structure and design is nearly the same as we use in our TabMaker app, but it's much more polished.

The design is 100% unique. Everything, what was worth customizing, is customized. It really makes you feel Christmas and also brings off a connection to the Deutsche Bank corporate design.

Welcome to a winter wonderland! Not only that it's already snowing, also the last button is covered with snow! We even designed new radio buttons! A cool and smart app without the use of flash! BAM!


After becoming a fan you've got the chance to win great prizes every week. Before I forget: In the final week you can win a Kindle and a € 200 Amazon coupon! Simply answer the daily questions and collect up to 5 stars per day.

Collect bonus stars

On "Leaderboard" you can see what your current position is and how good your chances are. If you answered all questions right but aren't under the first three, there is only one way to improve your rank: Collect some bonus stars.

With your personal link you can invite friends and if they participate too, you'll get a bonus star for each of them. You can collect up to 10 bonus stars every week and improve your chances to win.

This smart function also supports the mouth-to-mouth advertising in Facebook and helps to promote the app. Win win!

Take part and take part

One thing that was really important for us was how we deal with people's Facebook rights and permissions. We know from our personal experience that normally if you click on a sweepstake or contest tab, you will be directly asked for permission without even knowing what the contest or sweepstake is about. For us this is a big and yet unheeded barrier, so there should be a big difference between take part and take part.

We allow people to open a door every day and answer those questions without needing their permission. Only if you really want to participate and win those presents we need your permission to save your profile and your collected stars. Simple isn't it? - Why there are so many apps that didn't focus on this difference?