Nov 23 2011

Make better fanpages

Make better fanpages

We love great design and good user experience. Sadly, especially on Facebook, these topics often come off badly when companies create their fanpages. We developed a gallery under to honor the best fanpages on Facebook.

Technical possibilities

This year, Facebook changed their mechanism for creating custom fanpage tabs from the very limited FBML
to iFrames.
This means you can display every kind of content you want. No need for nasty click-to-activate YouTube videos or flash animations. Finally we can use powerful javascript frameworks like jQuery or AJAX to achieve complex and dynamic interfaces.

Today you don't even need the full technical experience of a digital agency for building such tabs. There are plenty of free and easy-to-use tools to create all kinds of fanpage tabs you can imagine. One good example is the powerful Tabmaker from our partners over at 247GRAD. Despite that, a surprisingly small amount of company fanpages generate really good experiences for their visitors and fans.
Even most big players, with marketing etats up to millions of euros, have missed to switch over.

There is light in the dark

Well, we might be a bit pessimistic here...
but there ARE great experiences on Facebook. In fact there are a couple of pages with great ideas that just blew us away. The number of better made fanpages is growing every day.

To honor these really good Facebook fanpages out there, we decided to put together a little web gallery where we could curate these examples for eternity.
In case you need some inspiration, want to check out your branch or just want to see what’s already possible on Facebook - have a look at MakeBetterFanpages. We’ll try to publish at least one new entry every day.

Visit and have a look around - maybe you know some good Facebook pages we haven't listed today - don't hesitate, hit the submit button and see your fanpage listed!

...and if you are looking for experts realizing your next great Facebook experience - talk to us, we’ll see what we can do for you ;)