Oct 24 2011

SimpLESS helps you to easily write beautiful CSS

Our first and brand-new product let’s web designers and developers easily use LESS for creating their wonderful websites. SimpLESS compiles *.less files into totally valid CSS. Easier than E-Mail. For mac, linux and pc. But first let me introduce you to LESS and the magic that comes along with it.

Good old CSS

The Cascading Style Sheet, or as most people know it CSS, was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is part of the Internet Protocol Suite. CSS is mostly used to style web pages written in so called markup languages like HTML and XHTML.

CSS was designed to enable the separation of document content from document presentation to improve accessibility, provide more flexibility and enhance control.

So far so good. After it’s first official version published back in December 1996 we are currently working with the third version of CSS. CSS 3 brings along a whole new bunch of styling possibilities and for most of us a long cherished hope finally came true.

Simply achieve more with LESS

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So why did Alexis Sellier, more commonly known as cloudhead, develop LESS?
CSS really got better over time, but actually working with it just feels like back in 1996. It’s as simple as obvious - if you are using CSS and compare it to other modern languages you will miss things like dynamic behavior, use of variables and functions. CSS is the same lame language as 15 years ago only filled up with new styling possibilities.

We wanted a CSS that can keep up with our brains! We don’t want to type in the same statements again and again...

Alexis’ LESS is a dynamic stylesheet language which extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions.

Why we need SimpLESS

Writing LESS could become the new way to style web pages. In comparison to CSS it’s lightning fast and as easy to learn as CSS. However, there is still one big issue: The web needs a CSS file to show your website as you want it to be.

Alexis also thought about that and because he is a smart guy, he gave us two possibilities how we can make LESS work:
  1. Embed a javascript file to our HTML-Code to transform our LESS-Code live into CSS in the browser.
  2. Run LESS via node.js on your server.

Both not really charming solutions because either you need to be a server professional or you will have extra effort and stress your websites loading speed.

That’s the point where SimpLESS enters the ring! SimpLESS is a small software running on your computer. It generates a 100% valid CSS document out of your *.less file. You’ll never ever have to think about tricky ways on how to use and integrate it to your website again!

Three simple steps

Using SimpLESS is that easy, even rookies can handle it! You can download SimpLESS for free for mac, linux and pc and simply install it as every other software you know.

  1. Start SimpLESS and drag & drop your project folder or LESS file onto the SimpLESS window.
  2. Write your LESS-Code with variables, mixins, operations and functions.
  3. Save your *.less file and you’re done! SimpLESS will take notice of that and compiles a 100% valid CSS document.
    No further steps, it’s that simple.

Give it a try! Visit wearekiss.com/simpless and download SimpLESS now!

Making it better, every single day!

We made SimpLESS open source to invite you to join the worldwide group of developers and take SimpLESS to the next level. There are many useful features we would like to add. Talk to us, share your ideas, we definitely need the creative exchange to make SimpLESS better!

Become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or simply write your message to hello@wearekiss.com.