Oct 31 2011

SimpLESS Update 1.2 available

SimpLESS Update 1.2 available

It has been a week of community feedback and bugfixing since the release of SimpLESS. We have smashed a couple of bugs and packed a few new features into it - all changes are described in this blogpost.


- implemented a new drag&drop system.
- fixed a bug where a space in the filepath prevented SimpLESS from recognizing file updates.

Should work much more reliably now. You will notice it especially on linux and mac systems, where sometimes the app didn’t even recognize drops at all. Now it works very well and stable on these platforms.

- fixed a bug where the "show love" message was displayed when it shouldn’t
The CSS-comment now really only shows up if the button is activated. However, maybe you haven’t noticed it since you are leaving it active everytime anyway, aren’t you?! ;)

- improved compilation error checking
The app isn’t crashing silently anymore if something exceptional happens during compiling the CSS document.

- improved contrast of colors of error messages in the UI
Errors thrown by the compiler where very hard to read. Not anymore.

- included LESS parser 1.1.4
On the LESS website only 1.1.3 is offered for download, but on Github 1.1.4 was already marked stable, we implemented it.

- added @import functionality
This was our major bug. SimpLESS now handles the @import statement correctly - including and compiling LESS or simply including CSS files; both in compiling time.

- if minimizing the app, it goes to the tray
This was a user requested feature, which we found very useful for everybody. The app minimizes to the system tray now instead of to the taskbar. It also adds an icon to the tray which indicates if compiling was successful (green) or not (red). In case of an error you can hover over the icon to get information about exactly what went wrong. A click on the icon shows the application window again. This feature works out of the box on windows and linux - sadly it needs some tweaking by the user on mac - read more about minimizing to the tray on osX below.

- added a "restore last session" button\br| This feature came to our mind after having worked with SimpLESS for quite a while now. It _really_ annoys us to re-drop all of the less files of the current project again after starting SimpLESS. Now, SimpLESS remembers all the less files from the last session and allows you to re-add them with a single click during application startup.

- implemented an automatic update checker
Now there is a little routine built in, which pulls a textfile from our server and compares your current app-version with the one in the file. If there is an update available, the app informs you automatically.

Hiding the app from the dock on osX

We really tried to automate this for our mac users, but due to restrictions in either appcelerator or mac os we weren’t capable of doing this. Here is what mac users can do:

There is a file named “Info.plist” inside of every mac app which configures some mandatory things. You need to add an extra value to hide the app from the mac dock. We would love to do this automatically, but when we tried to write directly to the file inside our app every content inside the file gets lost and the app doesn’t work anymore :/ Simply follow these steps to edit the file on your own:

Right click (or CMD+click) on the app and choose “show package contents”

The finder will open up - showing a folder named “contents”. In there is the file “Info.plist” - open it with a text editor.

The editor will show an XML file with many <key> <string> pairs. Anywhere between these pairs (watch out: only insert this after a <string> and before a <key> tag because they belong to each other!) insert this pair:

<key>NSUIElement</key> <string>1</string>

Save the file - restart the app if its running and you will see: no dock icon :)