Dec 22 2011

SimpLESS Update 1.3

SimpLESS Update 1.3

After collecting many improvement suggestions via github and e-mail, we took some time to fix a couple of bugs and implement some new features in SimpLESS.

At the beginning we thought we wouldn’t release this update in 2011, since we’re currently working on a couple of projects (including our own web-app) and just have no time (I think everybody knows how this feels like).
But working on these projects requires working with SimpLESS. Integrate the missing features and fix the bugs were just necessary so we took a few (more) extra hours to get it all done. Here we go:


We fixed a couple of bugs which were reported by our users:

  • a bug where an empty LESS file makes SimpLESS crash
  • a bug in the restore system, loosing files from the index randomly on application exit
  • an annoying bug where SimpLESS places "app://" in front of URLs.
  • ...a couple of other things I currently don’t remember. Take a look at github if you want to know more :P

New features

Now the more interesting part: New Features!

  • we implemented LESS parser 1.1.6 with all its new capabilities
  • we added “recompile” and “remove” buttons to the file list
  • we removed the “restore” button and are restoring sessions by default now
  • we implemented backwards @import observation. You just have to index the “parent” LESS file now and SimpLESS detects changes on the imported files - regardless how much the files are nested.
  • compiled CSS files are now minified by default, using some cool regex voodo the YUI compressor way.

A few notes

Some have mentioned (and it was planned by us as well) to include an auto prefixer for CSS3 vendor prefixes in SimpLESS 1.3. Sadly we couldn’t implement Lea Verou’s great “Prefix Free” since it is exclusively made for browsers. If you have a javascript library at hand that can add prefixes for any browser vendor, please tell us!
Join the discussion if we should rely on an online service for this task on github.

No minification in compiled CSS files

If you don’t want your CSS files to be minified by SimpLESS, add the following LESS comment somewhere in the file:


To the linux guys

We had several complaints about SimpLESS not working that well on Ubuntu linux. We heard from Appcelerator having a SDK beta which should improve linux support for Titanium applications, but addressed issues which made it impossible to switch to the SDK beta (we suddenly don’t get a path for a file dropped on SimpLESS anymore, wtf!).

After all - it's just not working. If you have any ideas, then checkout our code from github and try your luck. We would be very happy to pull your code and make it finally working properly for Ubuntu 11.10.

Keep on communicating

Working with the community has been great so far - keep up the good communication and we’re sure we can collect and integrate some more cool features in upcoming versions of SimpLESS in 2012.

That’s it for now. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!