Jul 03 2012

SimpLESS Update 1.4

SimpLESS Update 1.4

It has been a long time since our last SimpLESS update. We took the time to collect your feedback and did a lot of improvements we now want to share with you.

Six month - many things happened in the LESS community, including the release of Twitter Bootstrap v2, which sadly was not supported by the LESS version bundled in SimpLESS 1.3. We got many feature requests and a few bug reports which we wanted to address with the current SimpLESS update 1.4.

List of changes and updates

UI redesign

We took some time to improve the SimpLESS' UI. You will notice that the window size increased a bit to give you even more information about your file compilation.
SimpLESS will now display the full paths to LESS and CSS files you are working on to avoid any kind of confusion. Options like CSS minification, prefixing or “showing love” can now be toggled directly from the UI.

Options are no longer part of the LESS code

In the older versions of SimpLESS, things like minification had to be activated or deactivated via a comment inside the LESS file. That belongs to the past now with SimpLESS v1.4 you simply switch options via UI directly in your list of files.
SimpLESS remembers all settings for every file and as long as the LESS file remains the same path you can even remove it from the list.

Connection to prefixr.com

Some of our users thought it would be nice to have automatic CSS vendor prefixing for CSS3 properties in SimpLESS. Creating a prefixing engine inside SimpLESS would at least result in a twice as big codebase. That’s why we decided to connect SimpLESS to the great NetTuts+ Prefixr app by Jeffery Way.
Simply activate the prefixr option in SimpLESS and you’re done! Your LESS code will be sent to prefixr.com, the app applies the vendor prefixes where needed and the returned CSS-code will be saved in your CSS file. Notice that depending on the size of your CSS code and the speed of your internet connection this might add a few seconds to your overall compilation time!
Note: This is currently not available on osX, due to bugs in the Titanium framework. Luckily the guys from TideSDK have taken over and we hopefully can bring an update, soon.

Use the most recent LESS version. Forever.

Let’s be honest: It was really disappointing for a lot of users to wait for the next SimpLESS update everytime a new LESS version was released.
In SimpLESS 1.4, a whole new automatic LESS updater is included that will look for the recent LESS version on lesscss.org. If available you can download all new versions directly into SimpLESS. And the best, you only have to click one time to make sure SimpLESS will download and use the most recent LESS version forever.


The CSS minification in SimpLESS 1.3 removed all CSS-comments from the compiled result. It turned out that this was a bad solution for all Wordpress developers out there, since Wordpress requires the style.css file inside a template folder to start with a certain CSS comment otherwise the template wouldn't be recognized.
With SimpLESS 1.4 we’ll preserve the first CSS comment if it’s placed at the very beginning of the file.


We fixed them all. For now. If you find new bugs or have new feature requests, please contact us via Twitter @WeAreKiss or via Mail hello@wearekiss.com!

Last but not least we want to thank the great community out there again for all your support and lovely messages. You’re absolutely great :)

Enough talking. Go and get SimpLESS now!

Did we even say SimpLESS is available for free? No? Yes, it’s true, SimpLESS is and always will be free.