Nov 04 2011

A Retrospective:
Ten Days SimpLESS

A Retrospective: <br>Ten Days SimpLESS

Ten days after launch we thought you might like to know a few facts and figures about what’s been going on: It was and is simply amazing!

We really worked hard to make SimpLESS (and our company website) a great experience for you, but we never could have imagined the number of positive reactions that came our way. It’s great to see there are so many web developers interested in SimpLESS.

Twitter simply rocks!

“Yes, of course there will be some mentions on Twitter ...” - This was our first thought about Twitter, but in reality it was quite different!

Actually, around 30% of the traffic came from twitter.

Everything started with Smashing Magazine who was one of the first who tweeted about SimpLESS. Several people picked it up and the insanity trip began.

Visits per day

The visitor counter peaked up nearly instantly.

During the first three days, there were over a hundred Twitter posts and more and more blog and gallery features. Our website got more than 5.000 visits and more importantly, we broke through our magic barrier of 1.000 downloads! There were tweets all over the globe, here are a few of our favorite ones:

The folks loved the idea of a simple tool to convert LESS files.


The enthusiasm is still growing. We have already improved SimpLESS and launched version 1.2.
Visits per day range from 500 on the weekend days to over 2000 on monday. Downloads broke the 2.000 mark and more and more people out there send us their feedback and collaborate with us.

Thank you

We can only say thank you so much your for your support, commitment and all of your kind words. Right now, we are trying our hardest to make SimpLESS even better. We will integrate more useful features and eliminate the last bugs so everybody out there can enjoy SimpLESS at it’s best!

You can follow us on Twitter @We_Are_Kiss or become a fan on Facebook to be up-to-date and stay in contact with us!

Special thanks to: designmadeingermany, WebResourcesDepot, Smashing Magazine, WebAppers, DesignFridge, CSS Awards, CSS Design Awards, Stuff and Nonsense, Design Delight, Inspiredology, WWWhat’s New, CSS Showcase and everyone we forgot :)