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We believe in the endless power of collaboration. Whether you’re a company or an agency, we are the perfect match for you! One plus one does not necessarily result in two. Hire us and you’ll see how we will multiply your performance. Let’s collaborate!

We aren't suppliers. We think partnership leads to the best results. Talk to us and you’ll see how comfortable it can feel. But keep in mind: our creative resources are our most valuable assets, we cannot give them away for free.

With creative ideas and a customer-oriented implementation, each project with Kiss is a resounding success. Sascha Böhr, CEO 247GRAD

Beside our products we bring a lot of different projects for different brands and platforms to life.

What we can do for you

Social Media Strategy

We analyze your Social Media appearance and develop together with your team a strong tailored strategy which leads your company directly to it’s business goals.

Communication Guide

We can help you to speak a language your clients and customers understand. We train your team on how to use Social Media and give you tips and tricks on how to improve yourself.


We create distinctive and interactive interfaces. With our focus on communication and meticulous attention to detail, we deliver a unique level of quality that meet every project's objectives.


We help you to understand current user behavior, trends and site performances to provide solutions which show the full power of website analysis.

Holistic Engineering

Pixel-perfect execution, scalable code on the server side combined with cross-browser compatibility and compliance of client needs labels our development.

Mobile Development

We build apps for iPhone, iPad and Android by using the latest achievements in mobile development. We also transmit your website into the mobile world.

Product list

  • Facebook Fanpages (tabs)
  • Corporate Blogs
  • Editorial Plans
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Web- and Microsites
  • iPhone, iPad and Android Apps
Quality Control Kiss' quality control ensures you get the best results possible!

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